First place YourTurn winner: Nathaniel Larson

Spending a majority of the workweek in the windowless basement of a library can be slightly isolating.


Spring NewsTeam wrap-up: Inside WCCO and the Teen Tech Center

End of the school year already?

Behind the scenes: Interviewing Rashad Vaughn

Most high school juniors would be thrilled by the amount of scholarship letters cramming their mailbox.

Not Rashad Vaughn.

Marketing boldly: Story behind 2013 summer camp brochures

“BE BOLD” declares the brochure for this year’s ThreeSixty Journalism summer camps.


Winner, winner, Minnesota Newspaper Association awards dinner

Hey, is that Ben Affleck and George Clooney on the Oscar red carpet?

OK, not quite.

Behind the scenes: Interviewing Cloud Cult

As a former arts and entertainment writer, I’m always looking for ways to add a features element to ThreeSixty’s quarterly magazine.


A whole new world (almost): Why fanfiction is so amazing

I had been writing long before fanfiction came into my life.


Awesome student news: Scholarship edition

We’re incredibly thrilled and extremely proud to announce that senior reporter Deborah Honore is this year’s recipient of the ThreeSixty Scholarship.

Live from Camp: Radio Love

_*Editor’s note:* Each day, one of our 11 student writers at June Intermediate Camp will reflect on life learning the journalism ropes at the University of St. Thomas.