Starting at the ground level: Michael Walker is focused on helping young black males

Michael Walker is seeking to create solutions to the negative labels attached to black students—in particular, black males. It’s a daunting task, he admits, but his new title is a start.

Home away from home: Exchange students experience highs and lows overseas

Culture shock is inevitable for students who travel overseas during the school year. Whether coming to America or heading to Spain and Sweden, the challenges are often unexpected, yet perhaps pleasantly surprising.

Think before you ink: Tattoos might be everywhere—but Minnesota requires teens to wait

From Justin Bieber to LeBron James, tattoos seem to be everywhere in popular culture. But Minnesota law requires teens to wait. So, what’s the right age to get one?

Calling a timeout: How much is too much when it comes to our sports obsessions?

Do we love sports TOO much? A fellow sports fan examines his priorities, and those of society, as the attention we pay athletes continues to grow and grow.

Language barrier: 'R-word' campaign hopes to change hearts and minds

Sticks and stones, right? Not so much with the “R-word,” which has speared an education initiative to help promote inclusivity for the developmentally disabled.

College crisis? Experts remind teens to enjoy the process

It should be one of the best times in your life. Yet the agony of applying to college—and, of course, waiting to get in—can be difficult to navigate without help.

(Almost) anything goes in ever-popular fanfiction universe

Anything can happen with fanfiction. And that’s the way readers like it. But what would J.K. Rowling have to say about a pregnant Harry Potter? Hmmm …

The cool corner: Teen Tech Center plugs into 21st century

Looking for a place to record music or experiment with Photoshop? Take a peek inside the Minneapolis Central Library’s flashy new Teen Tech Center.

@16: Sondra Samuels' tough past guides her promising future

The head of Northside Achievement Zone reflects on her journey from underestimated teen to powerhouse social activist.

The end of high school means a new college beginning

Hey, where did those four years of high school go? Ibad Jafri looks back on memorable steps and missteps taken along the way.

Exploring education differences: What are the pros and cons of studying in America? Overseas?

Sure, American students get a bad rap for how they perform on standardized tests.

Reader response: Special needs essay causes one writer to look at own challenges

We write, you react: A dig into the mailbag reveals one teen writer’s struggles with the special needs label.

YourTurn winners: Advice for President Obama's second term

Check your inbox, President Obama. You’ve got mail from our contest winners.

Yes, I'm in special education. Does it matter?

What does it mean to be a special education student? One teen writer explores the embarrassment of being labelled.

Friendships formed at Circus Juventas endure across oceans

There’s no clownin’ around here. Circus Juventas in St. Paul teaches teens valuable performance skills and relationship building.

Truth and consequences: Struggling with the model minority myth

The pressure to be smart and docile can be too much for Asian Americans, as Diana Lu has discovered during her high school years.

Brave new world: Studying abroad provides unique learning opportunities

Scott Carpenter did some studying during a five-month spring semester in Queenstown, New Zealand. Just not in an environment most American college students are used to.

Special education students rely on strong support system to overcome daily challenges

Unable to walk on his own, Kenny Knutson relies on his parents to move him around the house in a wheelchair.

Students take a bite out of new, healthier school lunchroom regulations

On first look during the new school year, it wouldn’t seem much has changed at Central High School in St. Paul.

Blazing a trail to college

When I attended my first College Possible session in the eleventh grade, I had no idea what to expect for the forthcoming year.

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